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The Hi-Lo method - overall considered the best card counting method

Bei der Hi/Lo-Methode beginnt die Zählung mit der ersten Karte, die aus dem gemischten Stapel herauskommt. Jede Karte hat einen Punktwert, der den Gesamtwert des Stapels definiert. Jede Karte von 2 bis 6 erhöht den Wert des Stapels um einen Punkt. Die Karten 7-9 sind neutral. Jede Karte mit 10 Punkten, seien es nun Bildkarten oder 10, und jedes Ass verringert den Wert des Stapels.

The background for this is simple. The more high cards are still in the sledge and the more low cards have left the sledge so far, the more likely it is that the dealer will fly out with a high card. At the same time, the player is more likely to get a good hand. If the majority of the high cards are thrown out and there are still mostly small cards in the deck, the dealer's chances gradually increase to 21.
What is the Running Count and the True Count?

The running count is the value of the pack of cards that the player determines during the game. For example, when the following cards are drawn from the slide during a game:

The running count is the value of the pile that the player determines during the game. For example, when the following cards are drawn from the slide during the game: The running count is the value of the pile that the player determines during the game:

  • Sheet 1 Ace + 5 (point values -1 and +1)
  • Hand 2 6 + 2 (point values +1 and +1)
  • Hand 3 7 + 8 (point values 0 and 0)
  • Hand 4 D + B (point values -1 and -1)
  • Hand 5 3 + 8 (point values +1 and 0)
  • Trader 9 (point value 0)

After this round, the total is +1 because more low-value cards have been dealt than high-value cards. The problem is that this doesn't really matter at the beginning of the game. Even if 312 cards (in a 6-deck game) more than the highest value cards were dealt initially, there are still 301 cards in play after this game. So counting the cards is not yet particularly advantageous. It is only fun when more than half of them are nart. The running count is the value that the pack of cards has in the player's score after every single game. In such a situation, the running account is +1.

When almost half of the sledge has been played, it is worth defining the so-called True Count. This indicates how big the current score is in relation to the decks still in the sledge. So if you play 6 decks and each deck has 52 cards, then there are 312 cards in the sled. If 3 decks have been played, then 156 cards have been dealt. This is the point at which the player can accurately determine the true score. To do this, the current score is divided by the number of decks remaining in the sled.

For example, if a player has a running count of 6, then these 6 should be divided into 3 decks. The calculation in this case is as follows:

Running count / existing decks = True count

In our case: 6 / 3 = 2

Since the True Count estimates how many cards are left in the slide, it is a much more accurate detector for determining the quality of the slide for the player.

This is how it continues after the definition of the true count

Blackjack is a game of chance. If you know the odds of blackjack and can adjust to them, you can play the game quickly and successfully. As a result, there are many tables that show which move is the right one in which matter. So, of course, in conjunction with True Counting. The most reasonable reaction to the corresponding true result in terms of rates is determined as follows:

True Count Bet with 2 packs of cards Bet with 6 packs of cards or more

  • 0 Easy to use Easy to use
  • +1 Double Stake Double Stake
  • +2 Triple use Quadruple use
  • +3 Quadruple use Eightfold use
  • +4 Fivefold use Tenfold use
  • +5 Sixfold insert Twelvefold insert

This table is played when 75% of the cards are played on a sled with two decks and about 60% of the cards are played on a sled with 6 or more decks.

What other forms of card counting are there in blackjack?

The counting forms are all similar and differ only in not great details. There are, of course, forms that are much more complex. However, these are not necessarily associated with more luck in the game.

The best known counting forms apart from Hi-Lo Art are

  • Magician
  • KO
  • Hello-Opt
  • ZenCount
  • Omega II

The simplest and, for this reason, most efficient form for the majority of players is certainly the Hi-Lo counting method.

For this reason, simple counting plans are most suitable.

When you look to get started counting cards in blackjack, you quickly see why simple counting strategies are the best. It takes a lot of centralisation to count cards. There is no way for the player to write down the numbers that have already been counted. He has to keep track of this. Furthermore, in a land-based casino, for example, a separate game plan has to be implemented for gambling.

For example, if you are working with a basic blackjack plan, you also need to keep track of the whole table and know from memory the correct move on the dealer's card. Then there are the cards given to the dealer, the player himself and everyone else at the table. Throwing in an actual score during the game can require a lot of concentration. If it slows down your own play, the dealer and the casino manager may quickly find out.

If you then combine the basic game plan with other betting structures such as the Paroli system to separate your own bets to get your first win before you can reasonably calculate the true score, all the numbers and sequences will be twice as complex to remember.

For this reason, counting cards in blackjack with a simple counting method is not for inexperienced players. Only those who have been counting in blackjack for a while before playing the first game in a land-based casino and who have practised a lot can manage it all in a smooth game and in this way increase their winnings in the end.

Does card counting in blackjack also work in the online casino?

Blackjack card counting also works smoothly in land-based casinos - at least to the extent that it is not rendered almost inaccessible by the suitable casino's countermeasures. The card counting plan can only be used to a limited extent in online casinos. This is because card counting is meaningless in digital blackjack. It is not a matter of a certain number of decks, here the cards are simply defined by the computer with the help of a random generator.

In online casinos with a real dealer and at a real table, card counting can be done via a live video casino. To do this, you need to know the specific framework conditions (number of decks, etc.) in advance.

By the way, there are many land-based casinos where card counting is far from easy these days. Many casinos now have a rule that decks must be shuffled if no more than 40% of cards are dealt. Other casinos have what is called a hack card. If you draw it, the deck is reloaded so that the deck is not played to the end. Of course, if any of these occur, card counting in land-based casinos will not be easy or even unattainable.

Search here for the best blackjack casino and practice card counting

It is obvious that card counting is not easy, especially in online casinos. However, here - at least in the area of live casinos - as in land-based casinos, only practice leads to perfection. We have selected the 5 best blackjack casinos for you. Sign up right now and try out your blackjack card counting skills.

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Was ist die Hi-Lo-Methode beim Blackjack?

Bei der Hi-Lo-Methode wird jeder Karte, die aus dem Kartenstapel gezogen wird, ein Punktwert zugeordnet, der letztendlich den Gesamtwert des Kartenstapels bestimmt. Karten mit einem Wert von 2 bis 6 erhöhen den Kartenwert um einen Punkt, Karten mit einem Wert von 7 bis 9 sind neutral, und jede Karte mit einem Wert von 10 und jedes Ass verringert den Kartenwert. Ziel ist es, das Verhältnis von hohen zu niedrigen Karten im Deck zu ermitteln, was Aufschluss über Wett- und Spielstrategien geben kann.

Was ist der Unterschied zwischen dem Running Count und dem True Count beim Blackjack?

Der Running Count bezieht sich auf den Gesamtwert des Decks, wie er vom Spieler während des Spiels unter Berücksichtigung der Punktwerte der ausgeteilten Karten ermittelt wird. Der True Count gibt den Zustand des Decks genauer wieder, da er den Running Count durch die Anzahl der noch im Spiel befindlichen Decks teilt. Er hilft dem Spieler, die Qualität des verbleibenden Decks einzuschätzen.

Funktioniert das Kartenzählen beim Blackjack auch in einem Online-Casino?

Das Kartenzählen kann in Online-Casinos mit einem Live-Dealer und an einem echten Tisch mit echten Kartendecks verwendet werden. Bei digitalen Blackjack-Spielen, bei denen die Karten von einem Computer mit einem Zufallsgenerator bestimmt werden, ist das Kartenzählen jedoch nicht sinnvoll. Außerdem verwenden einige Online-Kasinos Maßnahmen wie das Mischen der Kartensätze, wenn nicht mehr als 40 % der Karten ausgegeben werden, was das Zählen der Karten erschweren kann.


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