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Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in all land-based casinos.
One reason for this is that the blackjack game rules are easy to embody. However, each casino has its own rules, but the basic rules of blackjack are applied on an international level.

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Divide or split the sheet

If players have two cards that are the same, they can simply split them. This means that players can split this hand with another two and continue playing with these two cards. In this situation, players receive two extra cards to fill up the hands. If a player has two aces and two eights, it is better to split them.

A player who keeps two aces in his hand and splits them can have the opportunity to win two flawless blackjacks.


When the dealer puts his card face up on the table, the players can double their bets again. It has more advantages if the player's hand is really strong or the dealer's is really weak.

If the player has doubled, he receives another card instead. Some cards cannot be drawn after doubling, even more it puts further restrictions on the player after doubling. If a player receives a blackjack after using his first hand, he is forbidden to double, because then the game is over.

In some casinos, a different rule applies, which states that after splitting, doubling is not allowed. For this reason, players must be attentive when playing at strategy tables.


Players can hold some cards after the cards have been dealt, i.e. they do not have to draw cards. It can be an advantage if the first hand is really high and it can create the risk of over-buying to another card.


Mostly it's about drawing first, which means players get another card added to their deck. They are given the opportunity to draw cards for an unlimited time, only until the moment they turn 21.

Give us or hum

Not in every casino can players leave the game before the end. Those who are not sure of their cards and do not want to take any risks can easily give up. The amount offered back depends on each casino in particular. In some casinos, players receive 100 per cent of the stakes, in others only 50 per cent.

What a Blackjack Table Looks Like

Each gaming table is in the shape of a semicircle with chairs for six people. All possible betting options are indicated on the table. There is also a card field that is clearly displayed. In addition, the payout percentages are also indicated on the table.

Regular card bets only pay out 1:1, 3:2 if the blackjack is scored. In some casinos it can be 6:5, which is much worse for the players and increases the house edge.

These are the card values in Blackjack

In blackjack, each card has its own value. When this value is added to the card value of the other hand, it becomes the value of the entire hand. The card values are represented as follows:

The games begin

At the beginning of the game, each player receives two cards which are placed in front of them. Everyone at the table, including the dealer, can see the value of the card. In the case of the dealer, who also receives two cards, only one card remains face up. This is a house advantage offered to the dealer.

After the cards have been dealt, players can decide for themselves what moves they can make. Tables in blackjack help the player to put the best moves on the account.

These blackjack rules apply to dealers

Different casinos may have some additional rules for the dealers. In fact, the dealers have no freedom when it comes to deciding on further moves. The casino is the supreme power that decides which hands should be drawn by the dealers.

For example, most casinos require dealers to stand on every 17 in the hand. This rule gives players an advantage because they have to get to 21.

Other casinos have discovered a weakness and close it with a hard and soft 17. A soft 17 is a card formed by a combination of an ace and a 6. Any card with an ace is a soft hand because it cannot be overbought. In the worst case, the ace becomes 1. In this way, more casinos began to stop at a hard 7 and hit a soft 17. This style of play increases the house advantage.

The end of the game

The end of the game can be reached when player or dealer reaches 21. If the dealer overbids, this is considered a loss. The game is also over when the players stop drawing cards and the dealer quits. To decide who is the winner, the dealer or the dealer, the amount of points is used.

The most important recommendations for action at a glance

Blackjack is a game where mostly everything can be calculated with probabilities. This means that players know in advance moves that could bring them victory. However, probabilities do not guarantee players victory. Nevertheless, they provide a solid basis for decision-making, which is why blackjack has both a basic blackjack strategy and blackjack tables.

In addition, there are some recommendations offered to players to increase the chances of winning and reduce the risk of losing money.
Here you will find some advice:

17 points are always sufficient

This means that players who score a hard 17 should always keep it. The dealer can only override this score in this case if he has a strong hand. However, the risk of overbidding with a 17 is only 69 percent. In this way, the risk of overbidding is much higher than for the dealer who has scored over 17.

8 and Ace are always shared as a pair

Another recommendation offered to players is that they must split any combination of two eights or two aces. Finally, these 2 aces are added to a maximum of 12 points.

Due to the fact that two eights add up to 16 points, which is one of the worst numbers, because with 16 the player's chances are 62 per cent of overbuying another card, and almost with the same chances for the dealer to miss 16. With 16 it is possible to only lose, but with two out of eight the player has a chance to do better.

Two out of ten maps are never shared

Two ten cards are added to 20. This combination can only be beaten by a real miscue. In this case, there is a high probability that one of them can succeed. If two 10-cards are split, the probability of achieving a good result is relatively low.

Learn the basic strategy by heart

Only those players who always apply basic strategies in their games can ensure that they meet the blackjack probabilities. In this way, they increase the probability of winning and lower the house advantage below 1 per cent. Therefore, it is really important that every player learns the basic strategy table.

Find the best blackjack casino and apply the rules directly

Blackjack is a very popular game because it is easy to learn. That being said, not every casino offers its players the same opportunities. First of all, house rules can increase the house advantage.

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Was bedeutet „splitten“ beim Blackjack?

Wenn ein Spieler beim Blackjack zwei gleiche Karten auf der Hand hält, hat er die Möglichkeit, diese zu „splitten“. Das bedeutet, dass er mit diesen beiden Karten als separates Blatt weiterspielen kann. Er erhält dann zwei weitere Karten, um sein Blatt zu vervollständigen. Wenn ein Spieler zum Beispiel zwei Asse oder zwei Achten hat, ist es in der Regel vorteilhaft, diese zu teilen.

Nach welchen Regeln wird beim Blackjack „verdoppelt“?

Wenn der Dealer seine Karte aufdeckt, kann der Spieler seinen Einsatz verdoppeln. Nach dem Verdoppeln erhält der Spieler eine weitere Karte. Nach dem Verdoppeln können jedoch einige Einschränkungen gelten, z. B. dass bestimmte Karten nicht gezogen werden dürfen oder dass nach einem Blackjack nicht verdoppelt werden darf. Einige Casinos verbieten auch das Verdoppeln nach einem Split.

Welche Strategien werden beim Blackjack empfohlen?

Einige empfohlene Strategien für das Spielen von Blackjack sind: immer bei einer harten 17 bleiben, da das Risiko des Überbietens hoch ist; immer ein Paar Achten oder Asse teilen, um die möglichen Punkte zu erhöhen; niemals zwei Zehner teilen, da sie sich zu einem starken Blatt von 20 addieren; und die grundlegende Strategietabelle auswendig lernen, um die Gewinnwahrscheinlichkeit zu erhöhen und den Hausvorteil zu verringern.


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