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Cosmo Live Casino can be purchased through various gadgets. We would like to mention that the games have been specially designed to be easily accessed from smartphones. A comprehensive number of games are available to players at all times. The provider of the most outstanding live casino games provides access to the games. Evolution Gaming has a good reputation in this field and it is obvious why. The reason is that Evolution Gaming has professionally programmed games and offers a wide range of attractive options.

Cosmo Casino is an advanced area that includes various options for every type of player.

Purchase of the application

Cosmo Casino recommends that players purchase the app and play from computers. Nevertheless, it is impossible to get the casino app on IOS and Android. Therefore, users of phones supported by Android as well as iPhone owners cannot use the application. But everyone, despite the developer, is able to use the casino website from their mobile phones. Cosmo Casino has been programmed using the modern HTML5 method, so there is such a possibility.

It becomes possible for customers to enter the website and play different games and also they can make a deposit. One of the most important aspects in programming the application has always been security.
We take care of all the data and secure the information while you are using the casino site.

Rewards and bonuses

For us, it was important to see the casino's suggestions of a welcome bonus for customers and the comparison with the desktop form. We found that it doesn't matter to Cosmo Casino whether you entered via mobile or any other device.

100% until 150€
as a new customer bonus
☑️ Audited offer ☑️
National Casino
100% until 100€
New customer bonus
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Cobra Casino
1050€ bonus
+ 300 free spins
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In both cases, the client receives a bonus.
It includes 150 ways to get a jackpot.
If the player wants to secure these 150 chances, a deposit of 10 euros must be made. The Cosmo Casino surprises with the next deposit, where a 100 percent bonus is awarded for more than 250 euros. There is the possibility for customers to double the deposit amount and win more money from the casino. It is important to keep in mind that it could lead to a drop or a downturn for new players. If you make a deposit for the first two times of the bonus, it will lead to risks.

  • Total bonus -150
  • Bonus Category - Free Spins
  • lowest deposit - €10
  • to pay - None
  • Rollover - 200x bonus
  • Duration - limitless

Instructions for use and other detailed information

The design of the website looks almost the same compared to the Cosmo Casino app, as both were developed with HTML5. One main difference is that the mobile version is made specifically for the small screen. Using Cosmo Casino is very convenient and easy, it allows users to enter the individual gaming zones and log into the account using the menu. In addition, players will also be able to make deposits through the menu.

Some of the offers presented in our app have been tested and we have found that all games load quickly, allowing our customers to play without waiting or wasting time. Cosmo Casino has a live chat in case players want to ask questions or a problem has arisen. Users can contact the live chat for customer support. In addition, there is a list of questions and answers that are also useful.

Payment options

You can make deposits from your mobile phone with Cosmo Casino.
It doesn't matter whether you deposited from a laptop or used a desktop form, the payment options remain the same either way.

How do you register from your mobile phone?

If you want to open the registration form on your mobile phone, you only need to press "Start Playing" and it will take you to the registration form. The user has to enter all personal data and make a decision to turn on the bonus. You can also edit your personal details after registration. After the registration process, you need to enter your mobile number to get a verification code. Once you are done with the registration, the doors of Cosmo Casino are completely open to you. After that, the bonus will be credited to you with a deposit.

Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Open the "Start of play" page.
  2. Fill in the information blank
  3. Enter your verification code.
  4. Have fun playing about your new Cosmo profile
125% up to 150€
+ 100 free spins
☑️ Audited offer ☑️
100% until 150€
as a new customer bonus
☑️ Audited offer ☑️


Can I play Cosmo Casino on my smartphone?

Yes, you can play Cosmo Casino on your smartphone. The platform is designed to be accessible across multiple devices and has been specifically optimised for smartphone use. Although there is no dedicated app for IOS and Android, you can access the casino through your mobile browser.

How much is the welcome bonus at Cosmo Casino?

Cosmo Casino offers a welcome bonus for new customers. With a deposit of 10 euros, you get 150 chances to hit the jackpot. On your second deposit, if it is more than 250 euros, Cosmo Casino grants you a 100% bonus, i.e. doubling your deposit. Please note that the use of these bonuses can be associated with a certain risk.

How can I log in to Cosmo Casino with my mobile phone?

To register from your mobile phone, click on "Play" to open the registration form. Enter your personal details and decide whether you want to claim the bonus. After registering, you can change your personal details. Once you have completed the process, enter your mobile number to receive a verification code. After verification, you can make a deposit to receive your bonus and start playing.


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