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Even though baccarat is not as popular as poker or roulette, it can be found in almost every online casino. For this reason, we decided to dedicate this article to the game details. We have explained the basic rules and some simple strategies that you can use to gain an advantage.

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The rules of the draw

The draw begins when the ponte looks at his cards. Depending on the value of the cards, the ponte has several options:

Up to 4 points: In this case it is obligatory for the ponte to discard the cards and ask for another card.

5 points: The ponte chooses whether to hold the hand or draw another card.

6 - 7 points: In this case, the ponte must discard the cards and ask for another card: In this case the ponte puts his hand back on the table. The hands are on top of each other. They are face down. Now the ponte must say "No sir" or "Pass" to indicate that he does not intend to draw another card.

8 - 9 points: This part is called the "stroke" or "natural". The ponte shows his hand and says 8 or 9 or a big or small dash. After the ponte reveals his hand, the banker also reveals the hand. No third cards are drawn in this round.

The next move is for the banker. The banker looks at his unknown cards. He also has several options. If he has 8 or 9 points, no more cards are dealt. If the banker has 7 points or less, the ponte can choose whether he wants a new card or not. If he decides to have a new card, the card is dealt face up. Then the banker must announce whether he wants to draw or not. The rules for the banker are listed below:

0 - 2 points: The banker draws a third card.

3 points: The banker draws a third card: In this case, the banker has a free choice. If the ponte receives a 9 or 8, the banker decides not to draw a card. For all other cards the banker is obliged.

4 points: The banker does not draw if the ponte has received 1,8, 9 or 10 point cards. For all other cards the banker draws one card.

5 points: The banker draws a card: If the ponte gets 5, 6 or 7 points, the banker draws another card. If the ponte gets a 4, the banker can choose whether or not to draw a card. For all other different cards on the ponte, the banker does not draw a card.

6 points: If the ponte has received a 6 or 7, the banker draws another card. In all other cases he withdraws.

7 points: The banker fits

The house advantage and probability in Baccarat

Baccarat is a complicated game that is really hard to predict. It is very similar to the coin toss game. Only a little more complicated. In the coin toss game, the blind bets are placed. The bets are based on whether the outcome will be a winner or a loser. This is done without knowing the hand beforehand. This is what makes the game so exciting. It is clear that the house has an advantage. It is a small house advantage compared to the other games. The baccarat house advantage is 1.4%. The banker's loss rate is 1.06% and the player's loss rate is 1.24%. The low house edge is the reason why baccarat is one of the most popular casino games. Since it is a popular game, the commission for a bank stake is 5%. The player gets back only 0.95% of his bet when he wins a bank bet. He can get back 100% of his stake if he wins a player bet. The players' probabilities of losing or winning are similar. The probability for a player to win is 44.52% and the probability for a player to lose is 45.85%. A draw is also possible. The probability of a draw is really low and is only 9.53%. The payout ratio for a draw is 8:1, which means that the house has a huge advantage of 14.4 %> Therefore, it is not recommended to bet on a draw.

What to look out for when playing Baccarat at the casino

The easiest way to play baccarat is in a land-based casino. They usually offer a baccarat bank or other different versions. In the online casinos it is a little different. They offer the banco version. When playing baccarat, customers should pay attention to the rules of the game and the betting limits.

Baccarat Bank

This is the most popular version of baccarat. It is very similar to the basic form of baccarat. The only difference is that the banker is the highest bidder. The player who wins the betting auction gives the sum to the dealer and receives the amount from the banker. This is the banco sum. The banker plays against 2 pointers. The pointers are the players sitting on the left and right side of the banker. The 2 pointers can only place their bets when the cards are paired and shuffled. They receive 2 cards from the dealer. After receiving the 2 cards, the banker can look at his cards and then places them face down on the table. In the next step, the hands look at their hands and decide if they want to draw a third card. If one of the hands has a score of 8 or 9 points, the dealer must put the cards face up on the table. This is called a natural. The ponte wins and the banker loses to a ponte. However, he still has a chance to win against the second ponte. Once the 2 ponte decide whether or not to draw another card, the banker also has the right to decide whether or not to draw another card. After the decision has been made, the cards are turned face up. The player whose cards are closer to 9 points is the winner. The banker can win against one player and lose against the other. A draw is also possible.

Punto Banco

Punto Banco is another variation of Baccarat. In this variation of the game, there are no pontes and no bankers. All players place their bets and depending on the cards, the winner is determined. It can be one of the players or the banker. In Punto Banco it is also possible to bet on a draw. The players who have placed bets on the winning hand are the winners. There are special and fixed rules that determine whether a third card is drawn or not.

Baccarat Strategies at a Glance

Customers can develop different strategies for playing baccarat. It is true that none of the strategies guarantees a 100% win. However, a good strategy increases the chances of winning. Baccarat is a game of chance and a developed strategy can significantly increase the chances of winning.

The one-sided baccarat strategy

This is one of the most common strategies. Bets are placed on the banker's side or the player's side. The player chooses a side. If he loses, the bets are increased, and if the player wins, the bets are reduced. If the player loses three times, he should stop the bets. He can place them again if his side wins.

The Baccarat Trend Change Combat Strategy

With this strategy, the customer can switch sides depending on the winning trend. After multiple losses, the player does not have to stop placing bets. Following the trend makes sense because it increases the chances of winning. However, the strategy does not guarantee a win. In order to limit losses, loss limits should be set.

Play baccarat at the best online casinos

Baccarat is a very popular game. It is available in almost all online casinos throughout Europe. Baccarat Banque is one of the most popular variants of the game. Different online casinos offer different conditions for playing baccarat. Some of the casinos offer live Baccarat where players can play against a real dealer. The bonus conditions and minimum deposit vary. It is up to the customers to choose the one that suits them best. In the table below, we have created a list of 5 online casinos that offer the best conditions for playing baccarat.

Casino Bonus offerGamesMobile app
Casino Platinum100% up to 100 euros 2500+yes
LuckLand Casino 100% up to 1000 euros + 200 free spins 700+yes
Omni Slots Casino 100% up to 500 euros + 70 free spins  1110+yes
Casino Heroes 100% up to 1000 Euro1800+yes
Betchan 100% up to 400 euros +120 free spins 2700+yes
125% up to 150€
+ 100 free spins
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100% until 150€
as a new customer bonus
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What are the basic rules for drawing in Baccarat?

In baccarat, the draw begins when the banker or the player looks at his cards. The actions depend on the number of points held: Up to 4 points, the ponte must draw another card; at 5 points, the ponte can choose to draw or hold; at 6-7 points, the ponte must say "No sir" or "Pass" to indicate that he does not want to draw another card; and at 8-9 points, no third card is drawn in that round.

What strategies are commonly used in baccarat?

The one-sided baccarat strategy, where the bets are placed either on the banker's side or on the player's side, is a widely used strategy. Another strategy is the alternating trend baccarat strategy, where the player switches sides depending on the winning trend. These strategies are not a guarantee of winning, but can increase the chances of winning.

Where can I play Baccarat online and which online casinos are recommended?

Baccarat can be played in almost all online casinos in Europe. Some of the casinos such as Casino Platinum, LuckLand Casino, Omni Slots Casino, Casino Heroes and Betchan offer good conditions for playing baccarat as well as attractive bonus offers.


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