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The game of Sic Bo originated in Old England. This dice game is very similar to the game of craps and is very popular worldwide. Although it has similarities with craps, players get a completely different experience with Sic Bo. Sic Bo is all about making quick decisions. Players should place their bet and wait for their luck.

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Betting possibilities of Sic Bo

There is a wide range of different betting options of the game Sic Bo. Moreover, these options can also be placed simultaneously if the player wishes.

The most common betting options are:

  • Small numbers
  • Large numbers
  • Single number bet
  • Two-dice bet
  • Double use
  • Triple bet
  • Total number of points

Small numbers

In the Small Numbers bet, the player bets that the three dice will produce a number between 4 and 10. If the total number of eyes on the three dice is a number greater than 10 or a triple is rolled - i.e. a roll where all three dice show the same number - the player loses. For this reason, the 3rd die always loses.

Large numbers

If the Big Numbers bet is chosen, the player bets that the result of the next roll will be between 11 and 17. Again, an 18 can only be achieved by a triple roll. Since triple rolls also lose, a 12 or a 15 can also be a loser. Depending on how the total is arrived at. If the roll is between 3 and 10, the player still loses. Both bets are paid at odds of 1:1.

Single number bet

In a single number bet, the player bets that a certain number will appear on at least one of the three dice. The payout percentage depends largely on how often each number appears. Players can only bet on a number between 1 and 6. For example, if the player bets on 4 and it appears on one die, the payout is 1:1. If the number appears on two dice, the payout is 2:1. If a three is actually rolled, the payout is 3:1.

Two-cube insert

In the two-dice bet, a prediction is made for two of the three dice. Such a bet could be, for example, 2+3 or 6+4. 1+5 would also be a possible variation. The odds, if there is a win, are 5:1.

Double bet

A double bet requires that at least two dice show the same number. For example, 2+2, 4+4, 6+6, etc. If this is the case, the player wins and wins at odds of 10:1.

Triple deployment

When betting on a treble, there are two different possible variations. One is the general triple bet. In this bet, you bet that any triplet will be thrown. Which three numbers come up is irrelevant for the win - the only thing that counts is that a triplet is thrown. The odds here are 30:1.

The second variant is a bet on a specific three of a kind. For example, if the player bets on 5+5+5 and is successful, most casinos will give him odds of 180:1.

Total number of points

The total points bet is a prediction of what the total number of all three dice will be. In this type of bet, the odds depend on the number of dice the player is betting on. This is due to the fact that they are different probabilities. For example, a 9, 10, 11 or 12 is rolled much more often than a 17 or 4. An 18 or 3 can only be achieved by rolling a triple. For this reason, they do not appear in this bet at all.

In most cases, the odds are as follows:

  • The throw result is 9, 10, 11 or 12 - odds 6:1
  • The throwing result is 8 or 13 - odds 8:1
  • The throw result is 7 or 14 - odds 12:1
  • The throwing result is 6 or 15 - odds 17:1
  • The throwing result is 5 or 16 - odds 30:1
  • The throwing result is 4 or 17 - odds 60:1

The quotas in general

The above odds are average calculations. In different casinos, including both land-based and online casinos, these odds may vary. Nevertheless, these odds give users important information to help them decide which betting options to use and when.

Strategies for Sic Bo

Like craps or roulette, sic bo is a game of chance. Here, the player does not have to show intelligence to increase his chances of winning. Unlike poker, where the player can always learn new things and increase his chances of winning each time, in sic bo the player only needs to place his bet and wait for his luck with each throw.

Although the player has no way of influencing the outcome of the roll, he can minimise his risk of loss with the help of correctly chosen betting strategies. One of the most popular strategies for Sic Bo is the Martingale strategy.

The Martingale strategy offers the doubling of the stake after each loss. This strategy is used with the betting options Small Number or Big Number. The reason for this is that the chance of winning is the highest.

As a first step, the player selects the amount with which he wants to place his first bet. If the player bets 5 euros, he bets 10 euros after his loss, 20 euros after the next loss and so on.

The player selects a bet on which he wants to bet and initially bets an amount - for example 5 euros. If the player loses, he bets 10 euros on the next bet. On the next bet for 20 euros, and so on. If the player loses his first five bets, he loses 155 euros. If the player wins the 6th bet with a stake of 160 euros, then he has to bear a profit of 160 euros. All losses of the previous bets are compensated and a small profit is made.
Sic Bo Variations

As already mentioned, Sic Bo is a dice game on which there are symbols. There is a Sic Bo variant called Yee Hah Hi, where each symbol is equated with a certain number. Besides the numbers, players can also bet on the colours of the dice.

Where can you play Sic Bo?

Sic Bo is a game with a rich history. Having gone through some changes in the 20th century, it is now an interesting online casino game. The specialists have separated the TOP 5 casinos where players can enjoy Sic Bo in the most comfortable conditions.

CasinoReviewBonusLive gamesMobile
Platinum Casino5100% up to100€2500+
LuckLand5100% up to €1000 + 200 free spins700+
OmniSlots4,9100% up to €500 + 70 free spins1100+
Casino Heroes4,9100% up to100€1800+
BetChan4,9100% up to €400 + 120 free spins2700+
125% up to 150€
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Sic Bo Alternatives

Of course, we also have Sic Bo alternatives in stock. Among other things, we can offer our articles on How to play craps?, How to play Baccarat? or Punto Banco Strategy recommend


What are the betting options in Sic Bo?

There are different betting options in Sic Bo. The most common are small numbers, big numbers, single bet, double bet, triple bet and total points. Each option has different rules and payout odds.

What is the Martingale strategy in Sic Bo?

In the Martingale strategy in Sic Bo, the bet is doubled after each loss. This strategy is often used with the small number or big number betting options, as the chances of winning are higher here. If the player wins, all losses from the previous bets are offset and a small profit is made.

Where can I play Sic Bo online?

You can play Sic Bo online at various casinos. The best rated casinos include Platinum Casino, LuckLand, OmniSlots, Casino Heroes and BetChan. Each of these casinos offers different bonuses, a wide range of live games and compatibility with mobile devices.


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