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Roulette canons allow gambling enthusiasts to play a simple and interesting game. This game, founded in the 17th century, is one of the most famous games in the world because of its simplicity.

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Most important technical phrases related to the game

We have compiled a list of terms that are commonly used in the game to help new players feel comfortable at the beginning,

  • Bout de Table - this term refers to the French roulette dealer
  • Chaleur - multiple victorious sector of the cauldron
  • Double - the number that wins twice in a row
  • Three of a kind - the tree times the winning number
  • Ecart - a simple chance is more frequent than its competition in a certain number of rounds
  • Favourites - numbers or groups of numbers that win the most
  • Token is the French term for the value of a chip.
  • Consistency - the order of the winning numbers
  • Rateau is the dealer's rake used to collect valuable chips.
  • Spin - Complete 37 spins (rounds)

If you stick to the roulette canons and common phrases as you play your head off, you can quickly become a table guru. And then, with each round, you get to know the game better.

Roulette rules simply explained

Roulette rules when betting - what can you do?

The roulette rules show what odds you can take. Each bet has a certain number of numbers and a corresponding placement method. This is where you place external bets:

  • Red or black (Rouge ou Noir): Not within the number field, simple bets in red or black are marked with a red or black diamond. Place your tokens on the corresponding diamond.
  • Even or odd numbers (Pair / Impair): For even or odd numbers, the Even or Odd and Pair or Impair fields are available outside the number field. When you go to the table, you immediately see where to place your bet.
  • Low/high numbers: The idiom manque is used to identify the numbers 1-19 on a table in a constant roulette wheel. The opposite part of this field is the numbers 19-36.
  • First, second or third dozen: If you want to bet on 12 out of 36 numbers, you can hold 1. 12, 2. 12 or 3. Hold 12 with our chips.
  • Columns: A numerical field has three columns, each column forming a column of 12. You insist on one of the three columns, return your token and place it under the field.
  • As you can see, placing a simple bet is particularly easy. If you are still dealing with inside bets or multiple bets, you have already internalised the roulette rules. These roulette game rules apply to placing inside bets:

    As you can already understand, it is not difficult at all to place a simple bet. If you are still dealing with inside bets or multiple odds, you have already learned the rules of roulette. These roulette rules apply to placing inside bets.

  • Plein / Straight-Up: You bet on a number by placing your token in its place on the table and "betting".
  • Cheval / Split: In this bet, you place a bet on adjacent numbers by placing your chip on the line between them.
  • Crossline/street: In this bet, you bet on a crossline of three columns, i.e. on a row of three numbers. You indicate this bet by placing your chip on the side of the row of numbers but on the corresponding outer line.
  • Carré / Corner: You bet on a square with four numbers by placing your chip in the middle.
  • First Four / Quatre Premières: You bet on the first four numbers of the table (0,1,2,3) by placing your chip on top of the number column, but not directly on the zero.
  • Simple Transversal / Six Lines: You bet on six adjacent numbers by placing your chip between two transversal rows at the edge of the number field, similar to the transversal line.

    These simple roulette rules are very well equipped for your first game.

    Roulette Budget Rules

    Did you know that each casino usually has two or more roulette tables? There are often more than 15 different tables online. One of the various limitations perceived by roulette tables was their skill in betting. Typically, there should be a high-stakes, one-stakes high-roller table and a low-stakes table with very good betting variations. It doesn't matter how much money you have: With a variety of options, you can enjoy it on any gaming budget.

    Non-obvious roulette rules

    Roulette rules are also the unspoken kanRegelnons of roulette. Good etiquette, good empathy and good looks have become part of the classic game. Saying inappropriate words or getting angry is not acceptable at the roulette table. Greetings from other players and their victory are encouraged. Have fun in the real atmosphere of a local casino.

    It's very easy to play with roulette rules, you can use them too!

    Overall, the rules of the game of roulette are not confusing. If you remember them before playing, the roulette rules will help you a lot to place the right bets. For each betting option, you can easily calculate your chances of winning, so it is not difficult to win at roulette and enjoy it. You don't even have to follow the roulette game plan to increase your chances of winning. The only thing you need to do is make sure you don't take too much risk if you want to minimise your losses. Work your way from simple bets to more complex betting options to get a feel for the game. Either way, you can't go far wrong. See for yourself how easy it is to take part in a coup and make a profit!

    Roulette rules: You can find most questions & answers here

    Even though the rules of roulette are not difficult to understand, questions about the rules of the game come up all the time. We have answered all of them below. The better you feel about the loop, the more confident you will be waiting for your next roulette revolution.

    What rules apply to payouts?

    It depends on the stake you want to place. Simple odds give you a payout of 1: 1, while you can expect 35: 1 if you win with one number. Four numbers on the bet will give you a payout of 8: 1, while six numbers will give you a payout of 5: 1. Column bets pay out 2: 1, which is why the bet is also very famous.

    What are the odds in roulette?

    If you place a single bet, the roulette rules give you an almost 50 percent chance of winning. However, with a hit rate of only 2.7 per cent, the chance of winning your preferred variant is lower. You can calculate the odds by dividing the number of your bets by the number of numbers in the table (including the zero).

    What is the meaning of "No more missions"?

    If the dealer makes this call, it is because the bets are no longer viable. When this rule comes into effect, your use cases for the corresponding flip can no longer be changed. As a rule, the croupier only makes this exclamation after he has already spun the bowl and thrown the ball.

    What does the roulette saying "Double" mean?

    Numerous players follow the roulette game plan: they double their bet after a defeat. This is to compensate for their losses in the event of a win. Many players impose this roulette rule on themselves in order to stabilise their game profile. In practice, however, this can also lead to large losses, as it does not affect the chances of winning.

    Should I have the roulette rules for my next game printed on the papers?

    Not at all. At the table, it's not very pleasant and somehow embarrassing to read the roulette rules off the sticker. Both other players and the dealer expect you to know your betting options and the rules of the roulette game. So before going to the casino, remember all the important rules of the game of roulette. If you have not remembered the important rules of the game of roulette, you can bet on simple odds that are self-explanatory.

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Roulette rules guarantee simple and straightforward play

As you now know, playing this game is not difficult at all. Due to the simplicity of the roulette rules, the bets on the table remain clear and you don't have to be very focused to see important sequences in the game. Dealer announcements guide the game so you always know when it's your turn. You also become more familiar with the game with each round and grasp the rules of roulette more quickly. It is not surprising that newcomers play particularly quickly and that numerous online casinos focus on a wide variety of roulette games. You can find more on the topic of roulette in our interesting articles Online roulette system safe, The best roulette strategy and The Odd Strategy for Roulette.


Was bedeuten die Begriffe „Plein / Straight-Up“ und „Cheval / Split“ beim Roulette?

„Plein / Straight-Up“ bedeutet, dass Sie auf eine einzelne Zahl setzen, indem Sie Ihren Jeton an der entsprechenden Stelle auf dem Tisch platzieren. „Cheval / Split“ bedeutet, dass Sie auf zwei nebeneinander liegende Zahlen setzen, indem Sie Ihren Chip auf die Linie zwischen den beiden Zahlen platzieren.

Wie hoch ist der Gewinn, wenn ich beim Roulette auf vier oder sechs Zahlen setze?

Wenn Sie auf vier Zahlen setzen, erhalten Sie eine Auszahlung von 8:1. Wenn Sie auf sechs Zahlen setzen, erhalten Sie eine Auszahlung von 5:1.

Was bedeutet der Begriff „Double“ beim Roulette?

Der Begriff „Verdoppeln“ beim Roulette bezieht sich auf eine Strategie, bei der die Spielerinnen und Spieler nach einem Verlust ihren Einsatz verdoppeln. Auf diese Weise wird versucht, den Verlust durch einen Gewinn auszugleichen. Diese Strategie kann jedoch zu erheblichen Verlusten führen, da sie keinen Einfluss auf die tatsächlichen Gewinnchancen hat.


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