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Many players use roulette strategies to increase their chances of winning at the table. The kettle game is popular for its simple and fair game plan, which also suits new players. Is it worth using roulette strategies? Many game plans for the table game have worked well for strong players as they seem to bring good luck. Below, we have listed five of the most commonly used game plans for betting for you and have also written down their advantages. One more thing:The roulette game plan guarantees you a stabilised player profile. But this also needs control and energy.

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You probably want to know the meaning of roulette game plans

The game plans created, also called stakes structures, are created to compensate for the losses. Their purpose is to help the player achieve a stabilised profile at the end. The game plans are thus created to ensure that the losses are stabilised through orderly victories and that the player returns with the budget unchanged.

Some cauldron users set in with too much excitement and emotion and control their gambling budget very irresponsibly after a loss, this does not happen in a roulette game plan. Emotions do not count to act strategically and prudently. Obviously there is hope for this or that win that will multiply the budget.

These are advantages and disadvantages of the roulette game plan

First the disadvantages : A roulette game plan is only suitable for those players who play a few coups. So this means that you also need a certain budget.
You also need perseverance and time to achieve a roulette game plan.

It should be mentioned that there are deployment strategies that are not easy to understand.

For this reason, new players do not really take the risk of using these methods

This means: Despite trying to balance the account, it can happen that all your bets go to the casino. The same applies to the roulette strategy, where every bet can be lost. It shows that even if you try to stabilise your account, it can happen that all your bets are transferred to the casino. The reason for this is that increased stakes are a necessity for a roulette strategy. Let's mention the contrasts again.

  • Game plans are only valuable if you play different coups in succession
  • With a game plan, you will proceed methodically, so maximum concentration is required.
  • Betting systems are often only feasible with a slightly higher budget. Betting strategies are usually only possible with a larger budget.
  • Many difficult betting strategies are not so suitable for new players.

Does it make sense to try out a roulette game plan?

Because of its professionals, working with a betting system can be really profitable.
Let's just say that if you find a player who can get too emotional, the roulette game plan will be good for you as it will keep you more relaxed.
The right betting strategies will stabilise your budget continuously and you don't have to think about losses. Many roulette bets put an accent on inside bets and the chances of winning there are not high.

Statistics show that players who take high risks are among the highest roulette winners, not to mention the big buzz. Here is a brief overview of the reasons for a roulette game plan

Losses can be covered one after the other

Emotional problems disappear, which also keeps you from going over budget
There are enough strategies or all causes

The Roulette Strategy of Wheel Estimation

The kettle score does not refer to the number sequences, clever betting combinations, etc., but only to the kettle itself.

An attempt is made to detect anomalies or to determine the length of the boiler.

It depends on the dealer's throwing power or momentum and can be studied carefully to pull off the ends. Still, you need a very good idea to catch everything, plus you also need a lot of time. If the teapot has anomalies, the ball is often compromised so that some numbers appear more often than others. In these situations, it is preferable to use these numbers.

The only disadvantage of this method is that long-term observations are necessary for this kind of assessment.

It is better to calculate the length of the ball trajectory. If you want to do this, you need to carefully observe how far the dealer's swing goes on each throw-in - i.e. how many revolutions the ball goes and at which points it stops. At the time you have determined this ratio and the dealer is going to throw the ball again, you can use the length of the runway to find the approximate point where the ball will stop. If you are not slow, you can place your bet on the right number. But for this you still need various observations.

The Martingale Roulette Game Plan

The Martingale game plan is one of the most well-known betting strategies. Its motto is "Sooner or later I will be the one who wins" and it applies to outside bets.
You bet on basic odds such as red/black or even/odd with the Martingale strategy, starting with a bet of your choice. In case of a loss, you double your bet until you win the round.

Since the odds of winning with a single chance are almost 50 per cent, it is only a matter of time before you win.

With a payout of 1:1, this profit is so high that it offsets your previous losses.

Nevertheless, you should not forget that doubling the rates quickly leads to big money. Depending on the stake, it takes four to seven rounds until you reach and exceed the €1,000 threshold. This is exactly where the problem lies: In most casinos, table bets are limited, so you can only play up to ten flips with this strategy at most tables. If you have such a long losing streak, you will suffer big losses.
The Roulette Game Plan of Doubling

This is the Martingale strategy , also known as the doubling game plan. You cannot expect very high payouts because you are betting on small odds. In return, the one or other loss is compensated. If you win with the doubling strategy, you start again from the first level with the previously chosen odds. This strategy is one of the best known strategies, but it also has its disadvantages. The system is not recommended for players who do not have a large budget, as it is progressive and can therefore lead to very large losses in the worst situation. In addition, the strategy tempts you to double your bet again and again after a loss and thus exceeds your own limit. You should stay away from this at all costs.

The Roulette Game Plan Paroli

The Paroli Roulette strategy is something like the complete opposite of the Martingale strategy. This is also a development game plan that allows you to double your bet after every win.

If you don't want to suffer big losses after a defeat, as with the Martingale strategy, start from scratch - with your initial stake. This minimises losses, but increases profits.

Let's say you have invested ten euros in a simple chance and won. Now you double and leave your winnings and bets on the table (together 20 euros).
If you win again, you already have 40 euros. As you can see, a good run of luck quickly accumulates large sums of money. If this does not last long, start again with a stake of 10 euros and thus keep your risk particularly low.

Kavouras betting as a roulette strategy

Kavuras' game plan is a very novel, but at first sight complex game plan. But it is easy to use if you look at it a little more closely and try it out.
The bet is not placed on simple odds, but on numbers - only 20 stones. This covers almost two thirds of the number field. This is possible through several combinations of fixed-odds bets:

  • Each of you bets on the adjacent numbers (cheval / split): 8 and 11, 13 and 14, 15 and 18, 17 and 20, 27 and 30.
  • You bet the same bet twice on a certain simple transversal (numbers 31-36).
  • Your bet covers the square bet (numbers 0, 1, 2 and 3).

This betting system means that there are a total of eight betting units on the table. If you get hit, you can expect a payout of one, four or ten units. This way, losses are always sufficiently compensated, but there is also enough profit for further bets.

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The D'Alembert Roulette game plan

The D'Alembert Roulette game plan is one of the most famous strategies.
The reason for this is that it is not very different from the Martingale game plan.
It must be said again that the stake is increased with each loss, but not doubled.
D'Alembert's strategy assumes that simple opportunities are stabilised over time. For this reason, it is concluded that after the betting chance is repeated several times, the opposite single chance event must occur. The more times in a row a single chance occurs, the greater the probability of the opposite event.

This is how you implement your roulette game plan: Choose your bet amount, for example one euro. If you don't win, increase your bet by exactly the same unit. If you don't win another time, increase your next bet by another euro. You keep doing this until you make a profit: In this case, you subtract one unit.

Remember that contrary to the logical assumption that opposing events must be stabilised, there is a chance that there may be long periods of failure. Due to the chance that both events are not different in each round, only one of the two events can come into focus at a time.
With this roulette game plan, you can lose large sums of money, as is the case with the Martingale strategy. This strategy is only worthwhile if you can survive dozens of rounds in a row - and even then it is not entirely risk-free.

Risk game against highest chances of winning

As you already know, there are roulette game plans that focus on basic odds and strategies that focus on single bet combinations. Both forms of roulette game plans can be beneficial to you if they stabilise your player profile as much as possible after a few rounds. A good strategy will keep away big losses due to bad luck streaks, including smaller wins, such as in the Kavuras strategy issue. Nevertheless, you should avoid progressive roulette game plans that focus only on losing. The reason is that these betting systems carry a great risk of losing significantly on a losing streak.

Use the roulette game plan profile stabilising or exciting!

Try one or the other game plan yourself when you play online or local roulette. If you like to play several rounds continuously and have a little more budget for this case, you can minimise losses that are possible with a roulette game plan. You can play with calculation and thus be sure that you will be even happier when you win. Choose non-progressive strategies that are easy to understand. How about evaluating the imprint of the ball in the kettle? This is a science in itself that you will definitely be passionate about.

Roulette game plans provide variety and the stabilised player profile

Roulette game plans can be a motivator for following a certain strategy or placing bets based on your own plan. A good roulette strategy will help you control your budget better and evaluate the outcome of your bets more objectively.

Nevertheless, the strategy also suggests a little more variety as you do not always stick to your desired bets. Roulette game plans can be a useful way to play if you plan to play a lot of games.

If you only want to bet occasionally on your favourite field or make a few flips on a very tight budget, roulette game plans are not very suitable for playing the game. However, if you consider yourself a regular player with a few rounds of stamina, roulette strategy can become your common thread as you play. If you want to know even more about roulette, be sure to check out our advanced articles Roulette rules simply explained, Online roulette system safe and Roulette Tips and Tricks look.


Was ist ein Roulette-Spielplan und warum sollte ich ihn verwenden?

Ein Roulette-Spielplan, auch Wettstruktur genannt, wird erstellt, um Verluste auszugleichen und dem Spieler zu helfen, ein stabiles Profil zu erreichen. Er stellt sicher, dass Verluste durch regelmäßige Gewinne ausgeglichen werden und das Budget des Spielers unverändert bleibt. Es ist besonders nützlich, um das Spielbudget unter Kontrolle zu halten und impulsive Entscheidungen aufgrund von Aufregung oder Emotionen nach einem Verlust zu vermeiden.

Was sind die Vor- und Nachteile eines Roulette-Spielplans?

Zu den Vorteilen eines Roulette-Spielplans gehören die Stabilisierung des Budgets und die Verringerung emotionaler Probleme, die zu übermäßigen Ausgaben führen können. Allerdings erfordert der Spielplan ein gewisses Budget, Geduld und Zeit. Außerdem kann es für neue Spieler eine Herausforderung sein, bestimmte Wettstrategien zu verstehen. Trotz aller Bemühungen kann es vorkommen, dass alle Einsätze an das Casino gehen, da oft höhere Einsätze erforderlich sind.

Können Sie ein Beispiel für einen Roulette-Spielplan geben?

Ein Beispiel ist der Martingale-Spielplan, eine bekannte Wettstrategie, bei der Sie Ihren Einsatz nach jedem Verlust verdoppeln, bis Sie gewinnen. Er ist ideal für Außenwetten wie Rot/Schwarz oder Gerade/Ungerade. Allerdings ist zu beachten, dass die Verdoppelung des Einsatzes bei einer längeren Pechsträhne schnell zu hohen Verlusten führen kann.


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