Online casinos with a high chance of winning

Those who play in online casinos want to have fun and, in the best case, earn a lot of money. Therefore, players should definitely know that the chances of winning vary from casino to casino. But how can these differences be recognised and which games have the highest chance of winning? Here is our guide:

What is the chance of winning in online casinos?

The chance of winning when playing in online casinos is determined by the so-called payout ratio. This indicates the percentage that is paid out to the players as winnings compared to the stakes. The payout ratio can vary from game to game. Here is the ICE Casino view. Since the casino ultimately also wants to earn money, the payout ratio for all games is below 100 percent. This ensures that every game offered in the casino leads to profits for the casino in the long run.

The difference between the stakes placed by the players and the total amount paid out is called the house edge. However, it is crucial to note that the payout ratio is an average value that may only be considered in the long term.

In the concrete example, the payout ratio looks like this:

Book of Ra is one of the most popular games in many casinos. The slot machine usually has a payout rate of about 97 percent. If a player plays a million rounds with a stake of one euro each, he would win 970,000 euros according to the payout rate of 97 percent and lose 30,000 euros to the casino. Of course, any projections are only a mathematical example. In reality, there are both winners and losers in the casino, which means that possible winnings or losses can vary greatly. Nevertheless, it remains to be said that players have higher chances of winning on average the higher the payout ratio of a game.

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How can you tell if a casino has a high payout ratio?

At first glance, the payout odds of casinos are not visible. However, the information about a particular game usually contains details about the odds. Therefore, it can be worthwhile for you to compare the same games with different providers and find the best odds. For conventional slot machines, you can orientate yourself on fixed percentages. Most games in this area have a payout ratio of between 95 and 97 percent. If a slot machine without a jackpot is significantly below this value, you should leave it alone.

Nevertheless, it can happen that there are significant differences between casinos. Generally speaking, casinos with a conspicuously low payout rate can be regarded as less reputable. The reason for this lies in the different auditing bodies that are responsible for checking what happens in online casinos. This also includes the payout ratios, which must be reasonable for the player. Therefore, when looking for the ideal casino, you should always pay attention to seals of approval such as that of the EGBA.

The European Gaming & Betting Association is the umbrella organisation to which many casinos are subordinate. All online casinos belonging to it undertake to comply with the guidelines laid down.

Which well-known slots usually have high payout ratios?

There are now so many different slots that it is not easy to keep track of them all. But many of the best-known variants also have the highest payout rates. Blood Suckers is not only one of the most popular slots. The game also has a payout rate of 98 percent. The odds are similarly high for well-known slot machines such as Sultan's Fortune, Devils Delight or Ocean Princess. Completely outside of this series is the possibility of play poker online for freeThis function for practising and passing the time is also offered in some casinos.

If you want to look for the highest possible payout ratios in the casino, then you can exclude all types of jackpot games for the time being. Since the big win is generated by the players' bets, the remaining payout rate for regular wins is usually significantly lower compared to conventional slot machines. It is not uncommon for the payout rate for jackpot games to be less than 90 percent. However, at the same time, there is also the possibility of winning the coveted jackpot and pocketing a large amount of winnings.

Payout ratio for classic games

Classic games of chance are also subject to payout ratios. There are clear differences here. The best payout ratios are usually found in the more modern poker variants such as video poker. Here, the payout rate is usually around 100 percent, sometimes even above the limit. The reason for this is the possibility to adjust all decisions in the game to the chances of winning. Those who permanently choose the action with the highest chance of winning can even benefit from odds of up to 101 percent.

Good old Black Jack is also a must in every casino. It is even one of the classic games with the highest chances of winning. Payout rates of 99 percent are not uncommon. However, newcomers in particular should first familiarise themselves with the complex set of rules. Baccarat offers a similar chance of winning.

The payout odds of roulette, on the other hand, cannot be determined to the point, as there are various ways to place bets in the same game round. However, the payout odds and chances of winning generally have nothing to do with the amount deposited, the Bonus without deposit or a 1€ deposit to do.

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You wonder which casino to recommend is? Casinos with a high chance of winning are easy to spot, as long as you look at the information about the payout odds and pay attention to the corresponding seals of approval. In addition, it is important to stay away from dubious providers with low odds.


How are the odds determined in online casinos?

The chances of winning in online casinos are determined by the payout ratio, i.e. the percentage of winnings paid out to players in relation to the stakes. This payout ratio varies from game to game and is always below 100 per cent to secure the casino's winnings. However, it is an average value that should be considered over the long term.

How do I recognise a casino with a high payout ratio?

The payout odds of casinos are not always obvious at first glance. However, the odds for a particular game are usually given in detail. Comparing the same games at different providers can help you find the best odds. Be wary of casinos with conspicuously low payout ratios and always look for seals of approval such as that of the EGBA to check credibility.

Which slot games typically have high payout ratios?

Well-known slot games such as Blood Suckers, Sultan's Fortune, Devils Delight and Ocean Princess usually have high payout ratios. Jackpot games are an exception, where the high winnings are generated by the players' bets, so the remaining payout ratio for regular winnings is usually significantly lower. Classic games such as video poker and blackjack also have high payout ratios.